A month, a mouth, anonymous, a mouse

Nothing is really a topic here, just some of personal life.

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If you do not believe

If you do not believe,
Please do not believe in, trust for your live.
Or, you will be twisted by yourself.
You do not believe me.
So why you talk with me?

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No Relax for inexhaustible Despair

I am tired for the unsuccessful.
As if I should stay in Mainland, not here.
I cannot make any changes, for one destroyable per day, lasting for one week, or more.

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Mark: How to write in file in managed code.

For storage of example.
OS: Windows XP
Plane: Visual Studio C++.NET 2008, using GUI, unmanaged code and managed code.
Example for write a string in file under managed code.

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Just a mad experiment report made by a mad cat.

I still do not know the meaning of love, but I give a try.

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I cannot stop my missing on you, my darling

Cannot stop my love to you, my darling.

Wish you could hear my voice from the other side of wall.

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Upset on notes missing.....

I still feel upset when I finally found that my notes lost.

Even I found that I have to lose my notes 1 piece per semester.

Where are you, my notes? Your father(mother?) is worried about where you are.

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Scorpio: From a specialist.

I'm a scorpion. As known to all, Scorpions are enthusiastic, sensitive, of critical and thorough thinking. What I want to mention about is that, I think those characteristics will help me in my study in master degree in the University.

------------------------- From the resume of Tean Cait

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Hanafuda, the game twist me before test.....

A good flash game will cost your precious time.

Do not act like me, guys!

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Reply on the entry of other's blog

Just some comments.

I do not want to get involved in either side of the war.

I just want to have a neutral look at the storm.

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